And this is my brain.
It's torturous, analytical thoughts make me go insane.


im not like other girls (: 



The Cranberries - Linger (live performance 1994)

You know I’m such a fool for you.


when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem 

So I was walking out of Ralph’s one day and I saw these kids trying to sell these cookies and I was like yeah, I’ll take them all. So I bought hundreds and hundreds of boxes. I didn’t realise how many boxes I was going to have. I had a car full of them. I didn’t know what to do so I started just like throwing them out the window to people on the street.

Strategy, my dear.



If you don’t think different shapes of pasta taste differently you can fuck off

Camera 1. Camera 2. #waynesworld #mysaturdaynight

SHE GAVE ME HELL, but m gonna miss cuddling with this little devil 👹 @laurabigland