And this is my brain.
It's torturous, analytical thoughts make me go insane.

It means nothing to you, but being here means everything to me. #bedroom #art #sleep #peace #love

❣◕ ‿ ◕❣ #salteñas #bolivianfood #happyandfat

"Overthinking is a sign of intelligence. The more intelligent you are the more you overthink. Same goes for caring."

(via psych-facts)

Oh this is some HORSE SHIT.


omg hahahahahaha


i need kisses and attention and alcohol

Eu gosto de vinho tinto. I like red wine.

I love when I find good art/reads at work 📰 #art #newspaper


i feel so dumb and embarrassed after expressing any emotion

Uh, yup.

Guilty🙋 #chronicbitchface