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Shia LaBeouf says Lars von Trier’s movie Nymphomaniac will feature real sex


Oh baby. Lars von Trier’s upcoming movie starring LaBeouf will have the actors engaged in real sex, says LaBeouf himself. Going all the way with actors on camera isn’t a new thing, granted. It’s usually called pornography. Von Trier has done it before with his movie Antichrist and it only seems natural to have such a realistic feature for a movie titled Nymphomaniac.

Source: /Film

Where da casting calls at, doe?

Sigur Ros asked 12 directors to pick a song from their album, gave them a $10,000 budget, and had them film videos for the selected song.

Naked Shia caught my attention, although that was a slight dissapointment. I ended up liking the concept of the video and how it was filmed.